When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the right pajamas can make all the difference, especially for those who are either cold sleepers or hot sleepers. For cold sleepers, it's essential to choose materials that provide insulation and warmth. Our Peaceful Pause and Tera Polka Dot pajama sets are an excellent option as they are made from a light, soft fabric that traps body heat and keeps you cozy throughout the night. Additionally, in the winter thermal pajamas made from materials like wool or fleece can provide extra warmth and comfort. Stay tuned for our fall/winter line!

On the other hand, hot sleepers should opt for lightweight and breathable materials that allow air circulation and wick away moisture. Cotton pajamas are a popular choice for this category, as they are natural, soft, and have excellent breathability. Our Stellar Whisper is made out of poplin which is not only breathable but also known for its moisture-wicking properties. By choosing the right materials for your pajamas, you can ensure a comfortable and restful night's sleep, regardless of whether you tend to feel too cold or too hot during the night. 


EP Product Feature

Big Steppas this one is for you! Vacation season is here and we're serving the resort look you didn't know you needed! Our Amber Sun robe pairs perfectly with the Lila Sandal by Vaila Shoes.

Vaila is an extended-size shoe brand providing quality shoes for women who wear sizes 9-14. “Every woman looking for quality, luxurious heels that fit properly should be able to do so with ease.” - Ahriana Edwards, Founder & CEO, Vaila Shoes