In honor of Sleep Awareness Week (March 10-16) and World Sleep Day (March March 15) last month we are sharing helpful resources to reclaim you rest! The first step to getting better sleep is asking for help. Consult your medical provider if you believe you suffer from a severe condition.

Better Sleep Resources

  •  Sleep Foundation: From product reviews to a sleep wellness quiz. This website has tons of information and resources to help you get better sleep.

  •  Project Sleep: If you or someone you know suffers from a diagnosed sleep disorder Project Sleep is the perfect place to find community and resources.

  •  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: This is a great resource for evidence informed research and guidelines.

  •  American Heart Association: Sleep has been included as one of the 8 Heart Health Essentials. Learn how improving your sleep can also improve your heart health.

  •  Chasing Sleep: This podcast features experts that share tips to reclaim your rest.

These are just a few of the great resources out there to help your reclaim your rest. Remember to consult a healthcare provider if you believe you need help.